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Radiolab Launching New Show for Kids

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On Thursday, September 22, _Radiolab _from WNYC Studios debuts Terrestrials, a six-part podcast series for kids 8 and up, that explores why the inhabitants and phenomena of the natural world are stranger than we think.

Created by _Radiolab _co-host Lulu Miller and infused with the show’s signature sense of wonder, “Terrestrials” immerses listeners in lush sound-rich stories about our fellow creatures here on Earth — from the shape-shifting, shark-eating capabilities of octopuses to the surprising “softer side” of bald eagles, and other fascinating animal and nature stories. Each episode engages the listener’s imagination through creative storytelling, original songs and music, and astonishing scientific revelations. Miller interviews entomologists, physicists, surfers, hip hop artists, and other experts who are in search of new ways to understand the world and discover more about our planet.  Each episode closes with “The Badgers” — a segment with kids badgering experts with their burning questions, such as “would an octopus eat an egg?” and “does time move differently inside the barrel of an ocean wave?”


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