Radio Host Jumps To Number One


Syndicated country radio host Bobby Bones hosted the most listened to podcast on the iHeartRadio roster of shows last week. Bones moved to first from third. The Ron Burgandy podcast held on to the number two slot, followed by Joe Rogan (up from 4th), The Breakfast Club (up from 5th) and The Ben Shapiro Show (up from tenth). Disgraceland dropped from number one to 11th. See the full 100 HERE.


  1. What does this even mean? I Heart sharing the most listened to podcasts on their platform, right? Does anyone listen to podcasts on i heart? Or are they just promoting their own shows? One of these independent podcasts on the list should share just how many downloads they get from i Heart — Is it millions, thousands, hundreds? Our podcasts get just over 1 million downloads per month for the network and we see tens of people on i heart.

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