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Queen of The Con is Back

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Queen of the Con, the podcast produced by Aliza Rosen’s AYR Media for iHeartPodcasts, has returned to unravel the deception of another notorious con woman.

Premiering Thursday Queen of the Con: The Rich Girl unveils the story of Danielle Miller, a Manhattan-raised influencer – daughter of a Rockette and the former New York Bar Association president – who shamelessly flaunted her lavish lifestyle on social media, while swindling the U.S. government out of nearly $1M and taking countless unsuspecting victims for hundreds of thousands. Determined to create a new identity after a traumatizing childhood experience, Miller’s decades of deceit led to multiple arrests and, eventually, a stint at Rikers Island, where she befriended infamous scammer Anna Delvey. Through first-hand accounts from Miller’s victims, former friends, colleagues and more, Queen of the Con: The Rich Girl uncovers shocking new details about the luxurious life and lies of the self-proclaimed con artist, who is currently awaiting federal trial.

The first two episodes of the 10-episode series will premiere Thursday, December 15, with new episodes dropping weekly, every Thursday on the iHeartRadio app and all major podcasting platforms.

Listen to the Trailer HERE

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