We just had to profile Tichina Smith and Nicole Tessier when they reached out to tell us they hosted a “bad-ass podcast.” MomLife: Yes I Can is a podcast for mothers, by mothers, to help create a community where mothers can share, learn, and most of all, vent.

Tichina and Nicole tell PBJ they are getting wonderful feedback from listeners so far, after launching just a few months ago.

They say they started the year off declaring they would do something great to impact the world and now it’s a reality. “We realized listening to podcasts that there wasn’t anything we could identify with. We would get our empowerment, we would get business tips, we would get self-care advice but none of those podcasts ‘spoke’ to us and resonated with our whole being. So, we thought, why not create something that all mothers, from all walks of life, could identify with.

Congrats to Tichina and Nicole for launching and here’s our profile of the hosts of the podcast

PBJ: How long have you been podcasting and when did you start?
Tichina Smith & Nicole Tessier: We started podcasting in June. We launched in October with our pilot episode. Our Live Launch event was in November when it was exposed to the public.

PBJ: Why are you podcasting?
Tichina Smith & Nicole Tessier: Because we didn’t have a real podcast that we could identify with regarding motherhood, the balance of “life,” and still be successful and empowering. So we thought, “Why not create what we want?” Mothers need a resource that incorporates feelings, information from professionals, with laughter included.

PBJ: What is your podcast about and how did you pick this topic?
Tichina Smith & Nicole Tessier: Our podcast is about motherhood and all of its triumphs, challenges, and successes. We want to let all moms know that no matter what stage they’re in during their motherhood they are not alone. Motherhood can be a challenge if all of the tools are not present. Our podcast is uplifting to mothers and educational, as well as fun!

PBJ: How are you marketing your podcast?
Tichina Smith & Nicole Tessier: We use Instagram, our website, Facebook, and Twitter. We are currently available on Apple Podcasts, GooglePlay, and on our website at We’re also in the process of being accepted onto Pandora.

PBJ: How many downloads/listens are you getting?
Tichina Smith & Nicole Tessier: Within the first four days of public launch, we had 160 downloads from Apple Podcasts; on our website we had 114 hits from participants listening to the podcast episodes.

PBJ: What are your biggest challenges?
Tichina Smith & Nicole Tessier: Our biggest challenge currently is financial. We are in the process of seeking sponsors that can assist in monetizing the podcast for us.

PBJ: Are you making any money?
Tichina Smith & Nicole Tessier: We have not made any money as of yet, except for our ticket sales from our launch event. We’d love to make money off of our podcast episodes. We’d also like to make money off of speaking engagements, going to facilitate seminars for moms, and sponsorships.

PBJ: What advice do you have for other podcasters considering launching one of their own?
Tichina Smith & Nicole Tessier: We would advise any podcaster getting ready to start their own podcast to take their time and know who they’ll be speaking to. It’s very easy to go down a “rabbit hole” and lose focus on who your target audience is. We would advise them to be empowered each and every time they record and/or edit.

PBJ: What equipment are you using?
Tichina Smith & Nicole Tessier: We are currently using two ATR2500 microphones with two BluCoil popfilters. We currently use Audacity to edit on our Apple MacBook.

Check out Tichina & Nicole’s website
Listen HERE
Reach them at:
Facebook: @MLYIC
Instgram: MomLife_YesICan
Twitter: @Momlifey





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