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Ventura - We are so excited and so happy with the content that we already got! We also have a former major league player ready to join us for an interview and a whole slew of other really fun guests lined up.

However, we are not happy with our producer at all. So now our next step is to find a producer fast, that has as much passion, enthusiasm and hustle as both me and Nate. We really want to find someone who loves baseball, as much as we do.

Also, we would like to find someone who wants to partner with us and not just look for a paycheck. Obviously, a paycheck will come down the road because our show is going to be amazing. But hustle passion enthusiasm will bring rewards down the road for sure.

That’s where we stand as we are vigorously looking for someone who sees the potential in our show and wants to take and join us, as we head to the next level.

Contact Jerry at for more information.

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