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Popular Show Now Offers Extra Content

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The popular Sh**ged.Married.Annoyed hosted by Chris and Rosie Ramsey are now offering bonus content and extra episodes for fans through the Acast+ subscription platform. The show has over 125 million downloads.

They are calling the package ‘Lucrative Sponsors,’ where fans can support Chris and Rosie directly, and receive ad-free episodes and bonus content in return.

The two tiers are a play on the podcast’s long-running in-joke, where Chris mentions each episode is supported by a “lucrative sponsor.”

The options for Sh**ged.Married.Annoyed.+ subscribers will include: Lucrative Sponsors (£3.00/month) Access to ad-free episodes past, present and future. Future episodes are free of all sponsorship, but recent episodes and some collections may have limited brand mentions.

Lucrative, Lucrative Sponsors (£3.50/month) Ad-free episodes, plus weekly bonus content in the form of an exclusive episode entitled ‘Extra, Extra’. Each week, Chris and Rosie will play a game discussing newspaper headlines, where Rosie will try to tell the difference between the real bizarre news story from the (possibly even more bizarre) ones that come out of Chris’s brain. For a teaser, watch this short clip here.

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