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Podthon Back Again For 4th Annual—with a Twist

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Longtime industry staple Podthon returns in July for its fourth year —but with a twist, the 2-day virtual conference’s organizers said.

“This year, we’re creating an intimate learning environment where attendees will: join information-rich workshops; run mock scenarios for the different realistic scenarios one might encounter with, say, a potential sponsor for the first time; attend office hours for additional 1:1 support; and connect with like-minded creators also investing in their growth,” co-founder Danielle Corbett said. Podthon ‘22 will be held Saturday, July 23rd through Sunday, July 24th.

Attendees will learn how to find and win grants (yes, podcasters are receiving free money), how to land paid hosting and speaking gigs, and tips for securing brand sponsorship deals, even if showrunners have fewer than 100,000 downloads.

“Monetizing a podcast isn’t always easy or straightforward, especially if you have a smaller audience, but it is possible. We cannot wait to show Podthon attendees how we’ve done it and how they can, too,” co-founder Lee Uehara said.

Danielle and Lee say they believe that focusing on ways hobby podcasters can build additional income streams utilizing their expertise and experience is a major challenge many indie podcasters with smaller audiences face. However, Podthon will be transformative, paving the way for potentially earning four-, five- and even six-figures as podcasters.

Podthon was formed in 2019 to meet the need and demand for increasing podcasters of Color speaking at podcasting events. Over the last three years, Podthon has welcomed 50+ speakers on their virtual stage. Notably, Podthon broke ground last year by being the only podcasting conference to pay all its speakers and keynote presenters. The virtual conference is the brainchild of the Asian American Podcasters Association (AAP) and WOC Podcasters (Women of Color).

To register and for more information about Podthon, visit our website:

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