PodPopuli Makes Podcasting Memories for Seniors


PodPopuli, a full-service retail podcast studio with three locations in Florida, Ohio, and Arizona announced their Posterity Podcasts program in their Florida location to create 8-episode podcast series to allow seniors to tell their stories.

Each 8-episode podcast series is a curated first-person narrative life story and Populi’s vision is reminiscent of the old Olan Mills portrait studios for families to tell their stories through pictures. The producers will come to the senior’s locations if they’re not able to make it to the store, even assisted living facilities.

“We are so happy to be bringing this fun and valuable creative outlet to such an amazing generation,” says Brian Howie,PodPopuli founder. “By creating these ‘Podcasts of a Lifetime”, parents and grandparents have a medium to preserve their voices, words, and messages; allowing their legacies to be long-lasting, enjoyed, and learned from for years to come.”

Podpopuli handles everything in the podcast process, from the artwork to the music, to the hosting and distribution. All seniors need to do is be prepared to answer a series of questions.


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