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PodLottery Launches

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PodPros has launched new software for podcasters called PodLottery. The company says the free software will help podcasters “win integrity-based Apple reviews for their podcasts from other podcasters in a daily lottery-style drawing.”

PodPros CEO Alex Sanfilippo said, “Most podcasters have few, or even no, Apple reviews on their podcast because it’s tough to convince people to take the time to help, but it’s beyond important! The reason Apple reviews matter so much is the perceived value from guests, sponsors, and listeners. The number of Apple reviews is oftentimes metric an outsider can use to gauge the success of a podcast. The other thing that reviews help with is fueling the host’s motivation to continue producing episodes. A 5-star rating and review on Apple Podcasts is the most motivating and encouraging gift a host can receive from their listeners. The more reviews a show receives, the more likely it is to continue. We created PodLottery to solve this problem.”

PodLottery just concluded a beta test with 240 podcasters. PodLottery is currently only available on iPhone via mobile web browser (it’s not an app), but the team is actively working on expansion to other operating systems. For more technical details, visit the FAQ section at the bottom of the PodLottery website.

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