PodFund Invests In Lauren Shippen’s Atypical Artists


Atypical Artists is getting an investment from Podfund. Atypical will use the capital to fund original new shows from both in-house talent and their network of writers, directors, actors, composers, sound designers, and engineers.

Atypical Artists CEO Lauren Shippen said, “Since I got into fiction podcasting in 2015, it’s been amazing to see how much the medium has grown and evolved. Now we’re at a special moment in fiction podcasting, when there are an abundance of creators in the medium, all with exciting and innovative ideas. These ideas – the ones that try something new, push the medium – are the shows that Atypical Artists wants to make. One of the things that excites me most about our partnership with Podfund is that they feel the same way. With their unparalleled experience in the industry and their steadfast belief in creators, Podfund is such a unique partner to have in the fiction world. They share our vision of lifting up unique and vital voices and we’re so lucky to get to work in tandem with them to bring to life the shows that we’re passionate about.”


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