Podcoin Surpasses 1 Million Listening Minutes Per Day


Our friends at Podcoin, an app that rewards podcast listeners, tell us that it is growing at roughly 10% week over week. The app recently surpassed 1 million listening minutes in a single day and crossed 10,000 daily active users.

Co-founder of Podcoin, Dave Cook, says by offering loyalty points to podcast listeners, Podcoin is fostering community around shared interests. “Podcoin offers nearly every podcast ever made, paying the listener one Podcoin for every 10 minutes spent listening, which can be redeemed for rewards including, Amazon gift cards, Bose headphones, and more.”

Cook says while there are hundreds of thousands of podcasts on the app, 40 percent of Podcoin’s listening minutes go to podcasts that have claimed their podcast on Podcoin.

Cook says in the coming months Podcoin plans to add social features, including likes, comments, and an enhanced social graph that will provide and encourage meaningful conversations.

To claim, go to www.podcoin.com.



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