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Podchaser Rolls Out New Guest Feature

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This is an archived page from 2021. Find out more

Hosting company Podchaser says a new feature for its Pro subscribers lets hosts easily find podcasts that accept guests. Pro users can now filter podcasts by whether or not they’re likely to have regular guests.

Using the filter interface on any browse/category page or search results, users can select the “has guests” filter to narrow results. Guest status indicators

Podchaser will identify the shows that have guests by using multiple indicators. Podcasts on Podchaser will have a tiny indicator next to their title that shows whether or not they typically have guests on their podcast. Green means the podcast has guests, while a grey icon means that it is unlikely to have guests. You can find these indicators on podcast cards while browsing the site or in the header and details section of podcast pages.

Get all the details HERE.

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