Podchaser Incorporates Social Timeline


    Starting Thursday, Podchaser is opening up early access sign-ups for its upcoming feature “Podchaser Feed.” The Feed is a brand new social timeline leveraging Podchaser’s database to feature real-time guest appearances, recent reviews, new releases, and other features.

    Here’s how it works: There are two tabs, Popular and My Feed. Popular surfaces highlights from across Podchaser, while My Feed offers a personalized, curated feed based on the shows, creators, and users you follow on Podchaser.

    Here’s what the feed shows: New releases from your favorite creators: When the hosts, producers, personalities, or writers you follow are featured or appear on a podcast, the episode will show up in your feed for you to listen to or save to come back to later.
    Fresh podcast episodes: Episodes released from podcasts you follow will show up in your feed. You can play them on Podchaser or open them in your favorite player before you come back to rate, review, and share on Podchaser.

    Updates from your friends and favorites: See what the people you follow have been up to on Podchaser. Read their reviews, browse their lists, and start to make your podcasting world more social and connected.
    Sign-ups start Thursday with beta keys rolling out next week.