Podcasts Are The New Radio


Writing in The Collegian, contributor Makailey Cookis says younger consumers are less likely to use radio and more likely to listen to podcasts. Here’s why she feels that way…

Cookis writes that for the younger generations, the reason radio is not used as frequently as it once was is because they get what they need from social media sites on their phones or other technology. “Therefore, radio stations lack accessibility and engagement much from these age groups, and ultimately are losing their purpose.” She also mentioned the multiple commercial breaks interrupting the content as a downside for radio.

One of the advantages that podcasting has over radio, according to Cookis, is not having to deliver content in scripted time blocks. “Unlike radio, the varying discussions and topics in podcasts are not completed in just a few minutes. Most podcasts utilize their entire episodes to discuss their specific topic. This is what makes podcasts a unique medium, and, what peaks the attention of listeners. People can listen to the full podcast, in which typically ranges from an average of forty minutes to about two hours along with listening to a subject they want to hear during the entirety of its run time.”

She concludes that people not only want to hear what they wish to, but they want to speak on the things they like, too. “Radio stations are truly falling behind.”

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