Podcasts Are Getting Shorter


Megaphone says it analyzed data from the podcast RSS feeds for all 549 podcasts that appeared in the Apple Podcasts Top 200 list between March 6th-May 11th and discovered the shows are getting shorter.

The 549 podcasts have a total of 55,560 episodes in their feeds. Charting them out by length Megaphone discovered that there are a few groupings around how long episodes usually are. “For instance, we see a spike in shows that clock in around one hour and again at two hours. There are smaller spikes at the half-hour and one-and-a-half-hour lengths. That shows us that a lot of podcasts are probably still following habits from radio, where content needs to be arranged in set blocks of time for the broadcast schedule (in some cases these podcasts actually are repurposed radio content).”

Megaphone also discovered spikes at the two and five-minute lengths. “A lot of these are quick updates — a teaser to introduce a new podcast that the network is releasing, for example. However, some podcasts put out regular episodes of this length.”

Check out more from what Megaphone discovered HERE.


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