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Podcasting's Crystal Ball With Mathew Passy

· Time to read: ~4 min

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He’s known as The Podcast Consultant. Mathew Passy is a podcast producer and consultant who’s been podcasting himself for 11 years and producing podcasts for others for the last 5. Here’s what Mathew has to say about 2019 and the year ahead.

PBJ: Are you having fun? Mathew Passy: Most days, yes. It’s a ton of work and while I never thought I’d be an entrepreneur, I have been delighted with the experience thus far.

PBJ: How would you summarize podcasting in 2019? Mathew Passy: We talk about Podcasting having so many breakout moments in its existence, and while I believe there have been a few, I think 2019 was a milestone year for podcasting as we saw a huge influx in investment and interest in the space. From more larger media companies taking it seriously, to more tech companies finding ways to improve the experience, an influx of new listeners, and a big focus on high quality content from top to bottom.

PBJ: What surprised you the most about 2019? Mathew Passy: The sheer level of investment made in podcasting. We obviously saw some acquisitions in the space, but I continue to hear and read about all types of new startups that are focused on podcasting and podcasters.

PBJ: What disappointed you the most? Mathew Passy: While podcasting has been tremendously popular this year, I have been a little disappointed in some of the larger companies and news organizations’ not paying enough attention to the independent and amateur content creators. There are some folks doing some really incredible and innovative things and they are drowned out by celebrities, brands, and media companies getting all of the coverage. I’d like to see more focus on the entire spectrum of podcasting vs just the largest shows and brands.

PBJ: Most over-used phrase or term in 2019 was…. Mathew Passy: “Netflix-for-podcasts”. Podcasts are not Netflix. I don’t think we should be trying to copy their model and what they do.

PBJ: What three things do you expect to happen in 2020? Mathew Passy: 1. I think the larger social networks will pay more attention to podcasting and make it easier for people to consume audio content while on their platforms. 2. I expect even more brands/companies/advertisers to pour into the space as the results of 2019 confirm what many of us already know, this is a thriving medium with more upside potential than people give it credit for. 3. Political candidates will see the benefits of podcast appearances and put more concerted efforts into reaching constituents through them.

PBJ: Will subscription models survive the long haul? Mathew Passy: Will the luminaries of the world survive, I’m not so sure. But I think individual podcasters that are putting out high value content and using subscription models as a way to monetize will continue to thrive.

PBJ: What will advertisers think of podcasts over the next 1-3 years? Mathew Passy: They should have been getting involved sooner and hopefully their continued entrance into the space will help to firm up tracking and engagement with users.

PBJ: Name 3 podcasts you would love to see breakout in 2020 Mathew Passy: 1. Sheer Clarity (client podcast that should have done better in 2019) 2. Causepods (my podcast) Selfishly, I think while there has been a huge focus on podcasts ability to make money, I’d like to see a bigger focus on people who are using the platform for good. So many important stories to tell. 3. Growth From Failure - (another client podcast) Yinh does an incredible job of telling the stories of highly successful, but often under-covered women across a broad spectrum of industries. I’d love to see more women in top podcasting lists but more importantly, I’d like to see more women get highlighted and I think right now, podcasters are focused on the same small core group of women and we’re not talking to other fascinating women that the media doesn’t cover.

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