Podcasting Seems To Be Important to YouTube


We’ve heard over and over that YouTube is becoming a destination for consumers to find and listen to podcasts. Podcasting industry insiders haven’t really believed that to be so. After all, is a YouTube video, or a static picture, with audio really a podcast?

YouTube appears to be taking podcating seriously. According to Bloomberg, the Google company is looking to hire an executive to oversee its podcasting business. It’s a new position being created by the Google-owned business.

Many podcasters also broadcast their show live on YouTube (as well as Facebook when its up and running). Joe Rogan always gets thrown into the debate over whether his show is really a podcast. Rogan’s often 3-hour shows, now on Spotify, started out on You-Tube.

Check out the Bloomberg story HERE.


  1. Yeah, it’s all good until YouTube decides to dump your channel without any notification because you apparently have violated some rule. When you inquire, you get sent to review the “community standards.” YouTube personnel never tell you why your channel has been dumped. Nor, can one petition to get back their channel.

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