Podcasting Now 40% of Cumulus’ Digital Revenue


The company will not reveal exactly how much revenue is coming in from podcasting, it will only say the podcasting category is growing every quarter and they expect that to continue. Podcasting revenue is pacing up more than 30% in the first quarter of 2021.

CEO Mary Berner bragged about three Conservative talkers, Dan Bongino, Ben Shapiro and Mark Levin being in Apple’s Top Ten. All three are part of the Westwood One Podcast Network which Cumulus owns.

Berner also said the podcasts under the Cumulus umbrella were downloaded more than 1 Billion times in 2020, a 40% increase over 2019.

Podcasting revenue is now the biggest revenue generator in Cumulus’ digital bucket (40%) and Berner said she expects more of the same from the podcasting category, “steady and positive growth.”


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