Podcasters: Take A Deep Breath


Those are the words of Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs. In his latest blog post Jacobs looks back at the Radio Show in Dallas last week and the role podcasting played. Of particular note was iHeartMedia Bob Pittman’s comment about podcasting being radio’s birthright.

Jacobs posted the Facebook reaction to the Pittman comments from the Podcast Movement website launched by Blubrry CEO Todd Cochrane and offered up the following advice to podcasters…

“I would urge podcasters to take a deep breath, and not turn Pittman’s comments into a battle cry, a cause célèbre, or a line in the sand. He is a tough media executive who will fight hard for his company and his industry. Nothing new there. And it’s not like podcasting doesn’t have its share of in-your-face, dynamic media personalities either. There’s no lack of dynamic, bombastic characters in the podcasting space. Everyone has an opinion that deserves to be heard.”

Jacobs went on to say that if you think about podcasting and broadcasting as the two circles in a Venn diagram, there’s a lot of common ground in the overlapping space. “Focusing on what makes each community strong, smart, and resourceful is a smart strategic course. It’s not a civil war. It’s an opportunity to help vault audio into the primary position in which it belongs. There’s room – and revenue – for everyone.”

Check out Fred’s blog post HERE.


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