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Podcasters Ready to Invade New York

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Podcast Radio Network will kick off Podcast Futures New York, a special event for podcasters, being held in conjunction with NAB Show New York, this Wednesday, at the Javits Center from 10:00am-5:00pm at the Javits Center. The cost is $55. Here’s the schedule…

10:00am - Networking Coffee 10:30am - Welcome 10:35am - NuVoodoo Media Services’ Carolyn Gilbert and Leigh Jacobs present brand new research into the podcast listener experience and listeners’ habits and preferences for ads. 11:15am - Podcast Radio: UK’s Paul Chantler explores discovery of podcasts and short-form audio plans. 11:30am – The Power of Independent Podcast Networks: A panel discussion moderated by Evergreen’s Chief Creative Officer David Allen Moss and SVP of Content Gerardo Orlando. 12:15pm - Break 12:30pm – Podcast Spotlight: PodBrief.NYC Founder Jonathan Baillie Strong looks at podcasting newsletters and building a community within a supercity. 12:40pm - Gen Z and Discoverability: YAP Media’s Hala Taha, Libsyn’s Rob Greenlee, Edison’s Meghan Lazovick, and Podcast Radio’s Kavita. 1:20pm - Podcast Spotlight: the naughty one… 1:30pm - Lunch 2:05pm - Podcast Spotlight: Immigrantly 2:15pm - Targetspot presents: Measuring the value of Dynamic Ad Insertion, ad tech and podcast creative – including ways to increase brand spending in podcasts and what format ideas drive engagement. 3:00pm - Gary Krantz, CEO, KMG Networks, shares plans for partner Podcast Radio’s expansion in the U.S. radio industry. 3:45pm - Break 4:00pm - Podcast Spotlight: Exploring more content, more often, but in shorter episodes. 4:05pm - Fred Jacobs, Jacobs Media Strategies, discusses the intersection of broadcasting and podcasting: How do they fit together in the future and what are the biggest opportunities? 4:30pm - Xperi shares new insights on the opportunities, threats, expectations, and challenges of the Connected Car.

For more information or to register for Radio Futures New York, visit:

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