Podcasters are Influencers Too


Shreya Sharma, writer for Inside Podcasting, wrote a blog for Bryan Barletta’s Sounds Profitable newsletter about why podcasters should be treated like influencers and host read ads should be treated as such by advertisers.

She makes the contention that “Host-read ads are appealing to marketers and brands for precisely the same reasons that social media influencers are.” Her argument is buttressed by quotes from Steve Pratt, VP of branded audio production house Pacific Content, Evo Terra, of Podcast Pontifications, Ross Adams, CEO of Acast, and Mikel Excellsor, co-founder of Radiolab.

In order to reach this goal, she suggests that:

  1. Marketers need to be more educated about how attribution in podcasting works.
  2. Podcasters should own their value.
  3. Podcasters need to stop diminishing the advantage they have when it comes to attribution.





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