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Podcaster Receives Subpoena To Testify

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The creator of the podcast “Your Own Backyard” — Chris Lambert, who’s credited with renewing interest in murder of missing Cal Poly student Kristin Smart, may testify on August 30th in the case against her alleged killer Paul Flores.

Flores is accused of killing Smart and hiding her body. Flores’ defense team sent Lambert the subpoena because of his podcast interviews with witnesses before their client was arrested.

According to The Tribune when authorities arrested Paul Flores and his father in April, the Smart family thanked Lambert and credited him with breakthroughs in the investigation. Paul Flores is charged with murdering Smart. His father is being charged as an accessory.

It’s alleged that Paul Flores, now 44, was the last person known to have seen the 19-year-old freshman alive after walking her back from a party toward campus in 1996. The case is being heard in San Luis Obispo Superior Court

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