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Podcast Radio Launches Business Station

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It’s a 24/7 business station from the UK podcast company, and it’s the first of several brand extensions Podcast Radio plans to announce this summer. Podcast Radio Business will showcase podcasts related to money, investing, entrepreneurship, marketing and branding.

CEO Gerry Edwards says: “We’re really excited to launch Podcast Radio  Business, which will then be followed by further vertical brand extensions such  as Podcast Radio Crime and Podcast Radio Comedy in August and September.  And we won’t be stopping there.

“This means we can offer listeners genre-specific stations with podcast content  to complement our main station. Business podcasts have featured heavily on  Podcast Radio since we launched two years ago and now these podcasts will  have their own home as well as still being played on the main channel.”

Podcast Radio Director Paul Chantler says that podcasts in general can be  flexible when it comes to their genre: “When people search for a podcast,  tagging solely by genre can sometimes limit discoverability.

“In the busy world of podcasting, a listener may hear an entrepreneurial  thought-leader inside of a comedy podcast episode, or an inspirational  company narrative being outlined in a wellness podcast. Our new ‘vertical’ channels will be able to navigate these elements of content and provide the  listener with a fantastically curated experience.”

Podcast Business Journal editor Ed Ryan will interview both Edwards and Chantler - along with Gene Baxter - Wednesday morning at 9:45 during day two of our podcast conference.

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