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APM Studios is hiring part-time and project-based contract podcast Producers for upcoming pilots and series, across a wide span of formats and creative. We’re looking for a creative, motivated producer who has excellent production chops; is an experienced script editor, audio editor, writer, and researcher; is a well-organized and detail-oriented team player; can expertly manage a production calendar; follows podcasts obsessively; and thrives working in a collaborative environment. The producer will bring emotional
intelligence, project management skills, and experience with audio editing software.

The producer will select appropriate guests, episode topics, identify concepts, and help assemble the show /series. The producer will be responsible for research; writing and reviewing scripts; scheduling; rough mix audio production; incorporating feedback from the Senior Producer and Editor; and publishing.

The hired candidate will also help in evaluating show pitches and listener stories, brainstorming ideas for show, and show episodes, managing the show development process, booking guests for interviews, researching topics, writing scripts, and editing audio. Strong preference for applicants with prior experience in podcast production and experience with structuring narratives.

Position Responsibilities:
● Collaborate with APM Podcasts development team and show team to produce and execute the podcast. Collaborate with hosts and producers on the creative process that generates themes, guests, and story ideas podcasts; develop the evolving vision for new and existing shows.
● Edit first version of the audio and programs within required deadlines
● Use transcription software to create transcripts and manually correct them
● Write and review scripts
● Conduct production in the field/on location (taking pandemic precautions.)
● Research and write for the podcast, including tracking and organizing research materials,
permissions, content acquisition, etc.
● Pitch stories, research, and show ideas in a creative and energizing way, both in writing and in person.
● Create and manage the production schedule for a successful podcast series
● Position our programs to leverage the changing media landscape through editorial and
technological innovation.
● Maintain relationships with technical staff and audio engineers. Direct podcast-related work of technical staff.
● Build production schedule and monitor progress.
● Collaborate on editorial content, creative sound design, and narrative approach.
● Produce periodic email newsletter.
● Collaborate with APM team on strategies to engage listeners.
● Collaborate with fundraising, membership, and social media staff to meet robust goals.

Required Education and Experience:
● Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience.
● 5+ years of journalism, radio/podcast production, or reporting experience.
● Experience in audio production and digital audio editing.
● Experience in writing for radio or podcasts.
● Experience in project management with multiple departments.

Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:
● Ability to conceive, plan, and execute a podcast.
● Strong teamwork and collaboration skills.
● Resourcefulness and ability to solve problems.
● Ability to work with initiative and good judgment.
● Ability to work effectively with minimal supervision.
● Possess solid story-telling credentials.
● Ability to write smart, compelling content for a variety of platforms quickly.
● Ability to think big and create memorable audio.
● Ability to manage myriad daily details of production.
● Ability to be flexible under deadline pressure and to work effectively and collaboratively with host and other staff.
● Possess high journalistic and copy-editing standards.
● Ability to evaluate content/quality/sound and act decisively.
● Experience with structuring narratives for audio.
● Ability to create a vision for podcast show topics.
● Strong organizational and communication skills.
● Proven ability to contribute to a positive, diverse, creative, high-performance culture.
● Ability to evaluate content/quality/sound and act decisively.
● Extensive knowledge of digital audio broadcast software and techniques, studio and field
● Ability to edit and mix high-quality programming with audio editing software (Pro-Tools
● Ability to produce programs of national quality.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:
● Strong preference for applicants with prior experience in podcast production.
● Experience field producing and recording and mix high-quality programming with Pro Tools.
● Knowledge of multi-track and broadcast consoles.
● Sound design/scoring ability.
● Knowledge of email marketing systems and techniques.
● Familiarity with ISDN, telephone, Zoom, and Skype interfaces.

Physical Demands and Working Conditions:
● Must be able to perform the essential duties of the position with or without reasonable
● Physical Demands:
○ Required to move about in an office environment and sit for extended periods of time.
○ Required to move about in the community.
○ Frequent use of hands for data entry/keystrokes and simple grasping.
● Working Conditions:
○ Moderate noise level.
○ Occasional exposure to prevalent weather conditions.

Next step:
Send resume and a short statement about the genre, subject matter, and types of podcasts you are most interested in working on to jobs.podcasts@gmail.com and put PRODUCER in the subject line.


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