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Podcast Movement Removes Shapiro Tweets

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In the ongoing saga between Podcast Movement and The Daily Wire, Podcast Movement has removed the string of apology tweets that put the two companies at odds following the impromptu appearance of Ben Shapiro at Podcast Movement last month in Dallas.

Here’s what Podcast Movement now has posted to its Twitter feed now after removing several tweets apologizing to the Podcast Movement community when Shapiro showed up to The Daily Wire booth for 15 minutes. He chatted and took pictures with a few fans and left the host hotel. These were the original tweets that have been removed and caused the controversy. Podcast Movement representatives have told us they are working on new policies. We’ve requested an interview with Dan Franks when those policies are released. You can watch our interview with Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boering HERE.


Harry Alexander -

IF this group was truly “listening” to the podcast communuty, they wouldn’t have had to run to seek a “safe space” because of Shapiro’s visit to his booth. Sounds to me like this group is a scam and if one doesn’t share this group’s particular beliefs, they have no use for you. Glad I missed their convention and won’t bother to attend any future conventions–if there are any future gatherings. Who would want to be part of an organization like the Podcast Movement that can’t handle someone of a different political stripe visiting them?

#### [Joan A Sanders](http://Lots%20of%20them "") -

I spend a lot of time visiting different podcasts because I enjoy the huge variety of ideas and styles. I’ve learned a great deal this way. What a shame to limit yourself to one narrow view. You’ll never learn much about yourself or the real world that way.

#### [Heidi Morris]( "") -

Shame on Podcast Movement - you need to rethink your “knee-jerk” reaction to a small few (small minded) people that are apparently loud enough to dull your senses. Maybe you SHOULD HAVE included some TDW staff on your panels - maybe you should REALLY be about inclusion like you state you are. How in the world can a person’s mere presence cause harm? It CAN’T unless you’re an intolerant snob (then of course that makes sense.) Maybe instead, you should encourage whoever complained to actually watch more of Ben’s podcasts. Listen to an alternative vision (like you want everyone ELSE to do) and then use their minds to think about what he has to say. yeah. more of that please.

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