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Podcast Listeners Love Audio

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That’s what Westwood One Director of Content Marketing Lauren Vetrano says in a new blog post. Westwood released its 2020 Audioscape report which digs into Edison’s Share of Ear report from late 2019.

Vetrano says the new report highlights how podcast listeners are into all kinds of audio content. Podcast listeners are super fans of audio and podcast listeners’ #1 content audio source is podcasts. Among podcast listeners, audio use is off the charts. Podcast consumers spend over 5 hours a day with audio, 36% more than the average.

The new Westwood study also says that Podcast users love talk and personality content. “Among those who consume talk/personality content, time spent with podcasting is up +39% since two years ago.

And, Vetrano says despite the fact that smart speakers are not often used to listen to podcasts, podcast listeners are heavy smart speaker users. More than one-third of podcast listeners own a smart speaker, +33% more than the total U.S. smart speaker ownership level.”

Read Vetrano’s entire column HERE.

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