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Podcast Launches on Radio Today

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Vox’s flagship daily news podcast Today, Explainedis making its debut on public radio today through a distribution partnership with WNYC Studios. The show will launch on more than 50 public radio stations across the country.

Hosted by WNYC and NPR alums Sean Rameswaram and Noel King, _Today, Explained _empowers audiences to understand the world around them, each day breaking down a single news story or cultural phenomenon in an approachable, inspiring, and helpful way. The radio edition will continue this mission, shepherding public radio listeners through politics and policy, business, pop culture, food, science, and everything else that matters.

“Broadcasting this podcast on public radio stations across the country has been a dream of mine since we launched back in early 2018,” says Rameswaram, who joined Vox after holding roles at WNYC Studios’ _Radiolab, _WNYC and PRI’s Studio 360, and more, and co-created _Today, Explained. _“From the jump, the show has tackled the news by interrogating all perspectives and angles while appealing to the broadest audience imaginable. We champion journalism from our colleagues at Vox Media, but also local papers, member stations, well known entities, and international outlets that fly under the radar. Sharing our work with public radio stations is the ultimate fulfillment of our mission to help as many listeners as possible understand the news.”


Harry Alexnander -

Really? Listeners need to have the “news” explained to them? Oh, right, I forgot. These are readers of Vox who apparently can’t understand what they read either given all the ‘splainers by Vox…

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