Podcast Focuses on LGTBQ Performers


NC State’s student radio station, WKNC, is creating space for female and LGTBQ performers with a podcast called MargRock.

MargRock celebrates and brings into focus music created by and for people of marginalized genders and sexualities. The podcast is a rebranding of FemRock, a punk-minded, music-based podcast about female and gender nonbinary representation in the North Carolina music scene. FemRock produced six episodes from October 2016 to October 2017, but it has been dormant since then.

“I wanted to restart the podcast because I saw that there wasn’t really any representation for people in the punk/rock scene that weren’t predominantly straight white cis guys,” said Liz Baron, a junior in political science who relaunched the podcast. “Learning more about local bands made up of people of marginalized sexualities and genders — and spreading the word about how sick these bands are — is really important to me.”


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