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Podcast Evolutions Was Simply Electrifying

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(By Traci Long DeForge) I could feel the buzz from the minute I stepped into the lobby of the J. W. Marriott. The bar was swarming with those meeting for the first time and greeting those we hadn’t seen in way too long. Smiling faces everywhere. This set the tone for one of the most productive and fun podcast events the Produce Your Podcast team has ever attended.

Work Hard. Play Hard… It’s a stretch to call listening to Will Farrell tell us his journey into comedy as “work” but that’s why we’re podcasters, right? He was very funny, but he was also authentic in communicating his passion for podcasting. He reminded us of the power of intimacy the medium brings when connecting the host to the listener. I loved hearing about his advocacy for helping new comedians get discovered through his network. Providing opportunities to lift others up while growing within your own space is my kind of business development strategy!

Speaking of Growth… We had such a blast hosting the Grab & Grow Breakfast with the team at Blubrry. Todd Cochrane and I highlighted audience growth tips to both new and seasoned podcasters, answered questions from the attendees and spotlighted some of our clients and community members who’ve found success in some unique ways. Did anyone happen to notice the Salad with the Side of Fries napkins with the QR code ready to scan? Brilliant.

Don’t worry if you have FOMO. You can attend an upcoming “Grow Your Show” Virtual Event where you can get even more audience growth hacks on Wednesday, April 20th. Shameless plug, I know…but you really don’t want FOMO twice!

Connecting and Collaborating There’s no doubt connecting and collaboration were the underlying themes of the conference. I could see the magic happening with podcasters and industry professionals meeting together at the booths, outside the session rooms, in the sponsor/speaker lounge and pretty much everywhere you looked.

You may be thinking… Doesn’t that happen at every conference?

Yes, but the level of enthusiasm and heightened sense of focus was more evident than ever before. It proved on a bigger scale that we are a driven community determined to bring our best into the future of podcasting. There was a ubiquitous sense of commitment to coming together in a way that was dedicated to up leveling everyone’s success. This does not happen at every conference.

_Traci Long DeForge is the founder of Produce Your Podcast, and a consultant, speaker, and strategist. She can be contacted at or 912.223.9525. Visit her websites: and _
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