Podcast Ads That Make Money


Morgan DeLisle at Podchaser has a lengthy article focused on the key points that make up an effective podcast ad with the goal of keeping listeners tuned in. Here are the highlights from what she’s written…

DeLisle gives eight great tips on what you should strive for to make ads effective on your show:
Organic is King: Use organic ads as often as possible.
Be Yourself: Keep the personality of your show.
Know the Product: Hosts should be as familiar as possible with the product.
Describe the Product in its Entirety: This may seem like Advertising 101, but make sure the listener gets a complete sense of the product.
Build the Brand: Beyond the product, let listeners know that this is a company they can trust.
Length According to Need: Many podcasts have set time-limits for ads which makes pricing easy and straightforward, but if you use flat rates or allow ads to go as long as you feel it takes, keep in mind what you’re selling.
Get Creative: Ads can be anything you want, so try new things, especially with placement.
Make it as Easy as Possible: If your sponsor is giving listeners a discount, free trial, or special offer, make sure it’s easy to remember how to get those.

In addition to DeLisle’s checklist she says it’s also important to listen to other podcasts and try to listen for things working in the ads you hear on those shows. Also listen for things not working. Then, she adds, “trust yourself because you’re already making a great show o making great ads is just one more step in that process.”

Check out the full article HERE at Podchaser where there is much more detail.