Podcast Academy Confusion?


A report from Podnews Thursday morning stated Libsyn’s Rob Greenlee was stepping down from his role as Chairperson of The Podcast Academy’s Board of Governors. That story got a lot of people we spoke to wondering what exactly was going on at the start-up trade organization.

Greenlee took to Twitter quickly to clarify the Podnews story. He said he was not stepping down:

Then Evo Terra jumped in with his latest episode of Podcast Pontifications where he opined: “There’s a very good chance that The Podcast Academy will fizzle out after a year. And that’s a shame, I think. But it’s also not surprising. Nor is it the first time an organization attempting to… well, organize podcasters has failed.

Listen to Evo’s latest episode HERE.

We went right to the Podcast Academy to get the scoop and they told us changes to the board have always been planned (see next story).



  1. Rob’s exact words in a taped interview were – “I’m actually going to be stepping down from the Chairpersonship this month”. Podnews highlighted that the new board was being set up in the story, quoting Rob’s words. Not sure of the ‘clarification’ here.

    I believe we reported this story accurately.

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