PM Is Looking For A Few Good Speakers


And isn’t that what you do after all? You speak, tell compelling stories and deliver quality content. Why not show that talent off? Our friends at the industry’s largest conference is advising all podcasters not to be shy about applying to speak at the show.

Podcast movement is being held in Orlando this year, August 13-16.

So, do you have what it takes to speak at Podcast Movement 2019?

PM wants you to be creative and detailed with the submission process.

Here are some of their suggestions:
– The selection committee frowns upon repurposed sessions from other conferences and regional events. Our attendees join us from around the world for Podcast Movement, and they expect the best of the best. We don’t want them seeing a presentation they’ve already seen, or something canned that they can find twelve places online.
– They get sad when submittors did not take the time to review and understand the rules up front. You may be excited to sell your product from the PM19 stage if selected. Did you know that the rules do not allow this (even for paid sponsors)? #ItsGettingReal
– Please do your best to use your imagination, innovation, and individuality in the submission form.
– We ask you do select a Track for your session. We receive the most submissions for the Marketing and Monetization tracks, and thus they are the most competitive.
– You will improve your chances of being selected to speak if the focus of your presentation is on topics that fit into some of the other tracks, including the Technical Track, and the Society, Culture and Advocacy track.

You have until the final day of February to apply (No. This is not a leap year)


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