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Pivotal Moments Podcast

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‘Now What? With Brooke Shields’ is a podcast about pivotal moments, and the decisions that people make as a result from career changes and personal missteps to moving through grief, or just plain moving on. iHeartMedia is launching the podcast October 11.

“I want listeners to feel inspired and to not let life’s ’now what’ moments prevent them from moving forward,” said Shields. “My goal for this podcast is to highlight the struggles we all face, shed light on how universal our experiences are, and the importance of not giving up or in.”

“Brooke Shields is such an iconic and powerful figure in entertainment, and we are honored to add her show to our rapidly growing slate of original iHeartPodcasts,” said Will Pearson, COO, iHeart Podcast Network. “We hope this show gives our audience a newfound understanding on how to grow from the unexpected moments life brings you.”

Upcoming guests include actress Selma Blair who will discuss moving through life’s darkest moments; actor Kal Penn to talk race and casting in Hollywood and why he waited to come out; New York Times bestselling author Celeste Ng on how her own experiences have influenced her writing; as well as award-winning actress Julianna Margulies on her decision to leave “E.R.”.

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