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Radio CEO: Podcasting Is Radio's Birthright

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iHeartMedia has been the radio industry leader when it comes to podcasting. From purchasing How Stuff Works, to The Ron Burgandy podcast with Will Ferrell, to slapping a full day of podcasts on its radio stations, iHeart has not been afraid to take risks with this fairly new medium. So what does Bob Pittman think about it all?

At the Radio Show Wednesday, when the topic of podcasting came up, the iHeart CEO said podcasting is radio’s birthright. “TV made a terrible mistake - Netflix. They let that model become another business they did not own. For radio, that’s podcasting. In podcasting it’s not about the content, it’s about the host. Like radio, it’s a companionship. All of us should be doing podcasts. Big or small. It is a gateway to advertisers.”

And, on podcasts, Pittman walks the walk. He hosts his own weekly interview podcast called Math and Magic.

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