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Pinterest, Show Notes and Guests

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Traci Long DeForge is back to answer your podcast questions. Today Traci addresses whether you should be promoting your show on Pinterest, how long show notes should be, and tips on interviewing guests.

PBJ: Should I be using Pinterest to market my podcast? Traci: Absolutely! It can be a great discovery platform for your podcast.Pinterest is the third largest global search engine behind Google and YouTube. You may be surprised by the demographics of the users of Pinterest. They have over 478 million users and although they skew high with women, 14.5% of Pinterest users are male. With 66% of Pinterest users being 18-49 years, the ages of users also align nicely with ages of the majority of podcast listeners. (statista, 2021)

Marketing on Pinterest is easy If you are currently making multiple graphics for your podcast including your episode tile, quotes, and more, you can simply share those to Pinterest and link back to your episodes. You can also publish your audiograms to the platform. Start a board that focuses on your podcast niche. For example, “Best podcasts for interior design” or “Best Podcasts for Money Mindset” then add your own podcast to that board. Getting your podcast on as many platforms as possible will help boost your visibility and reach the largest audience possible.

PBJ: How long should my show notes be? Traci: Even though Apple podcasts allow up to 4K characters, research shows the average show note has somewhere around 250-450 characters. Show notes can enrich the SEO on your website and also help your listeners discover your podcast when searching for a specific topic of interest. If you are optimizing all 4K of the characters available be sure to move your links, promos, and discount codes, so they are towards the top of your show notes to catch the attention of readers who may not read all the way to the bottom. This also helps the most important content getting cut off in those platforms that truncate your notes.

PBJ: What are some tips on how to prepare when you are going to interview two guests simultaneously for the first time? Traci: Interviewing two guests at once when you are used to only interviewing one person can be intimidating. One thing that will help you feel prepared is to do a pre-interview with them together so you can get a good feel for how they interact with each other. Is one more dominant in the conversation? Do they have the tendency to talk over each other? Knowing these tendencies in advance will help you to better guide the conversation. If you are recording them in audio only, be sure to introduce them one at a time and encourage them to respond to the introduction so your listeners can identify right away whose voice is whose to avoid confusion throughout the interview. 

_Traci Long DeForge is the founder of Produce Your Podcast, and a consultant, speaker, and strategist. She can be contacted at or 912.223.9525. Visit her websites: and _


Katrina Daniel -

Really helpful information. In fact, everyone with whom I’ve had contact, beginning with Ed Ryan, to Eric Zane.. has been nothing short of professional, informative, helpful..and brilliant.. So this is a shout out to a really responsive, well -informed, and well- run platform.

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