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Pex Will Now Track Music In Podcasts

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This is an archived page from 2019. Find out more

This is an important announcement for music rights holders who may not know their music is being used on podcasts. And a warning to any podcasters that may be using music illegally. Global music and video search engine Pex has added podcasts to the platforms it scans for its clients.

As of today, Pex will be able to find musical works and audio snippets as short as a half second in all podcasts uploaded to Apple Podcasts. Pex uses fingerprinting technology to detect its clients’ audio files, tracking billions of pieces of content across the internet. It can find a match even when the copy is distorted or very short. It allows rights holders to see exactly how and where music is being used, and thus to address any uses that are not adequately licensed or fair use.

Pex already finds and flags audio and video assets on several dozen social apps and video platforms, from TikTok to YouTube. “As audio formats gain popularity thanks to new devices and offerings, Pex wants rights holders to be able to monitor these formats and make good decisions for their business,” says Amadea Choplin, Pex’s COO. “Podcasts are increasingly professionalized, monetized, and ad driven, and music rights holders should be part of the conversation when their assets are being used.”

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