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Peabody Awards Announce 7 Podcast Nominees

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The Peabody Awards announced their list of 60 nominees in broadcasting and streaming media. Seven of their nominees are in the Podcast/Radio category. The nominees were chosen by 19 jurors who surveyed 1,300 entries from televisionpodcasts/radio, and the web.


Revisiting Hurricane Katrina, the Floodlines podcast offers a story from the people who lived through the flood and its aftermath—a story of rumors, betrayal, and one of the most misunderstood events in American history.

_The Atlantic _

Language Keepers Podcast Series

This six-part podcast series honors the amount of work and care that goes into preservation as it explores the struggle for Indigenous language survival in California.

Emergence Magazine

Mic Drop

This podcast from teenagers offering stories in their own voices, relays raw and real testimonials on subjects like the stress of living between two homes after a divorce, adjusting to life after a father’s deportation, dealing with drug pressures at school, and what it’s like being at odds with your identical twin.

_CBC Podcasts   _

Post Reports: The Life of George Floyd

We all know about the death of George Floyd. This special episode of “Post Reports” gives us a full treatment of his life, and tells the story of Floyd’s family, his upbringing and how racism hobbled his ambition.

_The Washington Post _

The Land That Never Has Been Yet

This podcast series with John Biewen and Chenjerai Kumanyika excavates our well-worn narratives about American democracy and demands a re-examination of our history. Our democracy is in crisis. But how democratic was America ever meant to be?

Scene on Radio (PRX)

The Promise: Season 2

An immersive series about inequality and the people trying to rise above it, The Promise grapples with public education and race in Nashville, with one school trying to stay afloat, a neighborhood divided over race and economics, and a city that’s resisted school desegregation every step of the way.

Nashville Public Radio (also released in podcast form)

This American Life Episode #713: Made to be Broken | Act 1 - Time Bandit

A captivating and contemplative audio experiment, “Time Bandit” sits with composer and musician Jerome Ellis, who at an annual New Year’s Day performance event, got on stage with no instrument and broke a small rule in a monumental way.

This American Life

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