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PBJ Writer Health Story Featured in Podcast

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Podcast Business Journal writer Joshua Dudley’s story of a health emergency in 2010 with a total bill of $250,000 which ultimately sent him into bankruptcy was featured in episode 9 of the Lemonada Media podcast The Cost of Care.

Hi guys this is your newsletter writer Joshua Dudley finding myself in the unusual position of having to report on a story about myself, so I’m just going to do it.

The Cost of Care is a podcast about the strain that our nation’s health care system is under while offering possible solutions and glimmers of hope. They were asking for listener submissions to be on their show so I sent them a voicemail which they ended up using in episode 9 of their program. In the voicemail, I described very briefly the 2010 emergency stomach surgery to save my life when my small intestine ruptured internally because of complications from Crohn’s Disease and the extremely large amount of money that the hospital system said I owed them afterward.

As a result of the effects of the surgery, I was forced to move home with my parents and declare bankruptcy where eventually my bills were thankfully written off but I still suffer from fatigue to this day from digestion issues from having my stomach operated on and Crohn’s Disease is a condition that requires me to be vigilant with maintaining my health.

If you want to listen to my story directly you can skip to 44:38 in the episode.

I hope that my story can inspire people to at least have yearly checkups with their primary care physician and to visit them sooner if something doesn’t feel right. It could save you a lot of time, money, and most importantly, your health.

Thanks for reading the newsletter every day. You should also know I run a weekly movie review podcast of new release films called Josh and Cassie Yell About Movies! from a male AND female perspective. We have a lot of laughs and often have guests like Negin Farsad the host of Fake the Nation, and Caroline Slaughter, host of the Astray podcast.

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