PBJ Spotlight: The GluConfidence Podcast


In the Spring of 2005, while serving as a helicopter pilot in the United States Navy, Brian Oliver was diagnosed with T1 Diabetes and subsequently medically discharged from the military. In adjusting to the curveball life had thrown him, he began to search for his new tribe – a community of like-minded individuals with a shared experience and common goal.

As Brian met and spoke with more people with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, many shared that they feel they do not have someone who can relate to what they deal with every day. So he launched The GluConfidence Podcast earlier this year

PBJ: Why did you launch this podcast?
Brian: I launched this Podcast so that people with Diabetes could share their inspiring stories with others and to create a resource and sense of community for those living with Diabetes. Our goal is to meet and interview people living with Type 1 (T1) or Type 2 (T2) diabetes and discuss the challenges faced with their diagnosis, their day to day tips and tricks, share lessons learned, and encourage others with Diabetes to live their life to the fullest. We want to shed light on real stories from real people who live every day with this disease.

PBJ: When was your first show?
Brian: Our first show was May 13th, 2019. We Interviewed Phil Crow, a former Division III College Football Player with T1 Diabetes.

PBJ: Where are you getting all of your research?
Brian: It depends on the guest, but it’s a combination of asking the guest’s story and internet/social media research. Our team puts together a set of initial questions, and then aim to keep the interview conversational in nature.

PBJ: How much time does each episode take?
Brian: I’ll do 30 minutes of research and prep for each interview. Each episode takes 45 min to record, and 20 min to edit.

PBJ: How much editing are you doing?
Brian: My editing is completed on Upwork. Intro music is added and some basic editing. I’m a novice editor and do not do much editing myself, but it’s an area I’m looking to expand my knowledge.

PBJ: What is your goal with the show?
Brian: The goal is to create a resource and sense of community for those living with Diabetes and to inspire confidence live a life without limits.

PBJ: How are your downloads/listens?
Brian: We just got started and have 3 episodes published with ~150 listens so far. We’re still finding our stride with the publishing rhythm and cadence, and will soon be putting out 2 new episodes per month. We have some really interesting stories to share in the coming weeks, to include the story of Lauren Cox, starting Power Forward for the defending National Champion Baylor University Women’s Basketball Team. We’re excited to get this resource into the hands (and ears) of more members of the Diabetic community.

PBJ: How are you marketing/getting the word out?
Brian: We publish all of our episodes on LinkedIn, Instagram, and to our website in addition to the normal podcast channels. We ask our guests to promote the episode as well. Additionally, we include new podcast episodes in our bi-weekly newsletter to a distribution list of everyone who has visited our site, www.gluconfidence.com, and signed up.

PBJ: Are you making any money? If so, how?
Brian: The podcast itself does not make any money at this time, but it does attract people to the Gluconfidence website. As a result, some visitors have purchased my product – a portable, on the go glucose supplement.

PBJ: Describe your equipment setup
Brian: I keep it very simple. I have an Audio-Technica microphone ATR2100-USB. It’s great! Very easy to use. I use Uber Conference and Audacity. I have my set up in my basement office, and it works out great!

E-mail Brian at Gluconfidence@Gluconfidence.com

How Can people find us?:

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