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Lynn Evans is a great example of someone who found a niche, launched a show consistently in that niche, and is succeeding. With 72 episodes of Power of the Purse under her belt, Lynn has created a “tribe of rabid fans,” with her focus on reducing the financial illiteracy of Baby Boomer women. She also has a book by the same name. Lynn’s goal now is to grow her audience, so we’d like to help her out with that by putting her in the PBJ spotlight.

Lynn tells PBJ she wants women to be better informed “as we face widowhood, ‘grey divorce,’ and retirement. All stages in life where some smarts about money is very key to success.”

PBJ: How and why did you get into podcasting?
Lynn: I had a local radio show for over seven years at that point and thought I would love to continue that with special guests on a new format, podcasting. I love doing it and did it for the development of a new brand, Women of Substance, LLC, the new business I created after I sold the one I had for 35 years.

PBJ: Tell us how you launched, what equipment you used, and how you lined up interviews to get rolling?
Lynn: I launched it by subscribing to the services of a group Predictive ROI, who set me up to use a Yeti Blue mic and some standard speakers, with a studio quality headset, and Skype with a recording app called Pamela. We got over the initial tech learning curve and they offered the names of some guests for me to interview. I also went to my own clients and asked them to participate as well. I set up a schedule on ScheduleOnce and used that link to ask people to find a time and day that worked for them.

PBJ: Who edits the show for you or do you do that yourself? If you do it yourself what editing programs are you using?
Lynn: The Predictive ROI group initially did all the editing and uploading the finished version to Apple. After being with them for three years, I used another group in Canada, Top Advisor Marketing, to do the same. They created the show notes and took the links from the podcast and repurposed them as social media posts and scheduled the release of those links using Hootsuite. I am now using the services of a sound engineer to edit the raw file and send it to me. Then I upload it to BluBrry and their Audioburst link creates the show notes and social media clips. I then use a person I have used for the last three years to create the social media links and she uses my Hootsuite account to post the links for the month.

PBJ: Why did you pick this topic?

Lynn Evans

Lynn: It followed nicely with the topic of my book, Power of the Purse. And using the podcast format allowed me to insert real-life stories of women who had experienced much of the difficulties described in my book.

PBJ: You say you have rabid fans. What do you mean by that?
Lynn: My fans are those who have known me for years in my business role as the owner of a financial planning firm and one which specializes in Baby Boomer women. They are happy to share and comment on my posts and have subscribed to my podcast. They are my “tribe.”

PBJ: You have 72 episodes now, what keeps you motivated to keep going?
Lynn: I just love the opportunity to tell yet another story of a woman who either has great expertise to share on a subject and/or has experienced the trauma of divorce, widowhood, forced retirement, or job loss. They topic may be the same, but the stories are so diverse and inspiring.

PBJ: How often do you do your show and where do you do it?
Lynn: I am currently recording twice a month and I record it from either my home or my office.

PBJ: How do you gather your content?
Lynn: I do some research on my guest from LinkedIn or Google to get an idea of who she is and what she can offer.

PBJ: How are you growing your audience and how have you seen the numbers increase?
Lynn: My audience is growing because of the excellent social media posts and the cross-pollination of being a guest on others’ podcasts.

PBJ: How do you market your show?
Lynn: I have business cards with the info about the show and use that as most of my collateral material. I also identify myself on my radio show as a host of a podcast.

PBJ: Are you making money at podcasting? 
Lynn: I have not made one red cent from the podcasting experience and have had that as my number one goal for this year.


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