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NPR's Bryan Moffett

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On Tuesday, NPR made the big announcement that Remote Audio Data, better known as RAD, is rolling out. RAD could be a game-changer for podcast measurement…that is, if everyone gets onboard.

While podcasts are now being measured in terms of downloads and listens, podcasters really have no idea how long a listener is engaged. RAD could solve that by capturing data after the download, from the player, and sending that data back to the hosting company where those details stats could be posted.

Bryan Moffett is the Chief Operating Officer for NPM, a subsidiary of NPR. Moffett has been very involved in the development of RAD since the days NPR started using the technology on NPR One. The big question, of course, is will Apple be a player. Click on the player below to listen to PBJ Editorial Director Ed Ryan’s 14-minute interview with Bryan Moffett.

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yotz -

Just what we need - more tracking. Hopefully, podcast apps won’t implement this.

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