Panoply Media Partners With Veritonic


With Veritonic, Panoply will supplement its experience in the podcasting space to develop best practices for producing impactful audio advertising content, while helping its advertising partners choose the most effective ad creative for their campaigns across Panoply’s Megaphone Targeted Marketplace.

“Panoply is dedicated to creating ad content that engages listeners, builds brands, and drives results for advertisers,” said Ken Lagana, Head of Sales and Marketing at Panoply Media. “Veritonic’s platform will aid our continued effort to write the playbook on effective audio advertising content and work towards extending the intimacy of a host read to a more scalable solution. Leveraging these learnings across our Megaphone Targeted Marketplace will help us to deliver the most impactful campaigns for our advertising partners.”

“Our partnership with Panoply solidifies their role as one of the most forward-thinking ad services and technology companies in the audio market,” said Scott Simonelli, CEO and co-founder of Veritonic. “Grounded in an evidence-based approach to decision-making and creating best practices for the audio industry, our work together will ensure that podcast advertising continues to be as engaging, impactful, and user-friendly as possible.”