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Our Interview With Daily Wire Co-Founder Jeremy Boreing

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(By Ed Ryan) Has cancel culture gone too far? Last week we told you about how a 15-minute stroll through the hotel hosting Podcast Movement by Conservative talker Ben Shapiro led to a string of apology tweets from the PM Management that had both the podcasting and radio industries buzzing.

Shapiro never brought up politics during his visit. He never threatened anyone. He never went into any area of the conference he wasn’t allowed to go. He visited the booth his company paid for, took a few pictures with fans, and left the hotel.

An attendee who saw Shapiro, and, perhaps, didn’t like his politics, took a picture of the successful podcaster and syndicated radio host, posted it to Twitter and said Podcast Movement had created an unsafe environment by allowing Shapiro in the building. In other words, by Shapiro simply being there, someone felt unsafe. That set off the string of apology tweets from Podcast Movement for allowing Shapiro’s walk-through to happen.

For the most part, Podcast Movement has been criticized in the Twittersphere following their tweets, even from people who do disagree with Shapiro’s politics. Podcasting has always bragged about being a space where all voices could be heard without fear of being canceled. The tweets seemed to fly in the face of that selling point.

We reached out to Podcast Movement and requested an interview about the situation. We were told they are working on some things behind the scenes now and will share when they have it ready.

On Thursday I interviewed The Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing. Boreing co-founded The Daily Wire with Ben Shapiro. The Daily Wire and its slate of Conservative podcasts has become one of the most successful Conservative platforms in America. Boreing details to us what went on behind the scenes with Podcast Movement after the apology tweets went up, and he’s quite upset about the damage Podcast Movement has done to his business.

Watch the interview HERE Listen to the interview as a podcast HERE.

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Harry Alexander -

Glad I missed the convention. I get enough “woke” crap already.

#### [Robert Crandall]( "") -

Thanks for making the interview available. This is something that can’t be swept under the rug.

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