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One Wrong Click Could Mean Death

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C13Originals, an Audacy company, is partnering with actress Elle Fanning and journalist Jessica Wapner on One Click, a documentary podcast about how a single click on the internet can change someone’s life permanently.

They must be planning for multiple seasons already because they are referring to their story investigating a fat-burning substance that was originally used to make bombs and is now killing people, as One Click, Season One, and in previous reporting they referred to it as season one as well. They are planning an eight-episode season according to Vanity Fair.

The original story was a Daily Beast article by Jessica Wapner about an “internet drug that cooks people alive.”

In One Click, Season One, Fanning and Wapner investigate the story of how DNP (2,4-dinitrophenol), an explosive chemical originally used to make bombs in WWI, was banned by the FDA and then found a home on the internet as a fat-burning pill and bodybuilding supplement, and with one click, began arriving in the homes of its victims with fatal results, leaving many dead in its wake.

The series features interviews with family members and loved ones of the victims who ordered DNP online and also follows the story of a young man who escaped bullying in his hometown only to fall victim to DNP as well.

Additionally, the reporting moves to the realm of attorneys, judges, government officials, and other experts who are trying to prevent the spread of DNP, as well as interviews with people who continue to sell it to answer the question about why so many people have turned to an unproven miracle cure.

The first episodewill launch on May 20, 2021, and new episodes will be available every Thursday. Listen to the trailer here.

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