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One last Season For 70 Million Podcast

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LWC Studios’ open-source criminal justice show 70 Million Podcast released the trailer for its fifth and final season. The narrative documentary series chronicles how locals are addressing jail reform around the country. The show launched in 2018.

Season five of 70 Million launches on October 24, 2022. New episodes will be released every Monday.

In forty episodes so far, 70 Million has documented the impact of local jails in communities across the country, and what neighbors and local leaders are doing to mitigate it. Season five will examine the inequalities and inadequacies of a justice system that promises to uphold the rule of law and to protect civil rights while also bending its intent to benefit people in power. Episodes will delve into plea bargaining and grand juries, traffic fines and vehicle impound fees, policing and arresting school children, and expose how local, state and federal systems manipulate and exploit the people they’re set up to protect.

“As we complete 50 episodes of investigating the matrix of criminal injustice systems, I look back in complete gratitude at the dozens of producers, reporters, editors, photographers, sound designers and engineers, fact checkers, and so many other collaborators who left their imprint on this groundbreaking series,” says Juleyka Lantigua, the show’s creator and executive producer. “The LWC Studios team is hopeful that 70 Million will prosper well beyond season 5 as a tool for reform, education, and activism.”

70 Million uses powerful storytelling techniques to highlight the 70 million US adults with a criminal record, the disparities that pervade the criminal justice system, and the local efforts to combat them. It’s also an educational and community outreach tool with a focus on being a catalyst for discussion, organizing and outreach around jail reform. In addition to 10 episodes each season, the show offers resource guides and annotated transcripts that are entry points for further learning. The show was recognized as the bronze winner in the Narrative/Documentary Podcast category at the 2019 New York Festivals and won Silver at the 2020 competition.

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