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Olympic Champion Donovan Bailey is 'Running Things'

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Two-Time Olympic Champion runner Donovan Bailey is partnering with podcast company Acast to launch Running Things, a new original series hosted by Bailey and content creator Simon Jain. They call it a “lifestyle talk show” and it launches on July 22nd.

They say they will have “inquisitive, open-minded discussions about global topics relevant to the modern human experience” while offering “enriching dialogue that leaves listeners with a deeper comprehension of the subject matter, and a feeling of empowerment that translates into their daily lives.”

“It’s only by discussing difficult, oftentimes personal topics and exposing ourselves to diverse perspectives that we humble ourselves and grow,” said Bailey. “I wanted to start a podcast to cultivate that spirit of learning and help people wherever they find themselves on their journey.”

Added Jain: “Many of us often come to conversations with an agenda. On Running Things, we wanted to create a space where we all arrive at the table with a willingness to listen, learn, reflect — and have fun while doing it.”

In the 1996 Olympic Games Bailey broke the record for the 100-meter sprint with a time of 9.84 seconds.

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