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Not Everyone Will Be Allowed in The Pandora Club

· Time to read: ~2 min

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Pandora tells you right off the bat that not all shows will be “selected for inclusion.” They say that’s due to the volume of interest. Pandora does not say whether it’s first-come first-serve or if they are choosing whether or not they think your podcast is good enough.

We filled out the form for our new podcast called “The Podcast Business Journal Spotlight.” The form took about five minutes and asked more questions than both Apple and Spotify submissions (perhaps that’s for their Genome technology).

The Pandora form asks you for your basic information, your RSS feed, your hosting company, how often you publish, the length of your podcast, downloads per episode, how many downloads you had in 2017, whether or not you have ads, your sample rate, your bit rate and how loud your show is among other questions.

Pandora told us to allow time to hear back so we are now on the clock. If our podcast is approved, we’ll receive notification from Pandora’s Content Partnerships team with the next steps.


Steve Stewart -

HOLY TOLEDO! They ask a lot of questions the average indie podcaster won’t know - or will have to spend 20-30 minutes to find. I was privy to set up one of the beta shows through libsyn. They made it a lot easier than Pandora’s form. Let’s hope libsyn is able to open the submission to all their clients and other large services like Blubrry have a direct submission process too!

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