NFL Team Creates Winning Podcast Strategy


The Kansas City Chiefs now have four team podcasts with two more on the way. The team expects 1 million podcast downloads next year after hitting 500,000 in five months this year.

Chiefs VP of content and digital operations Mike Cukyne tells Front Office Sports his new podcast network’s retention rate in the 40%-plus range. “I’m not looking for a land grab. I want retention rates. I want people to consume our content on a regular basis. That’s the key to where I’d like to take this business. I don’t want five million people consuming one podcast. I want fewer doing it more often.”

The Chiefs, and other NFL teams, are using podcasts to communicate directly with fans. And, according to Cuknye the team is also monetizing the podcasts. He plans to announce who sponsors are in the coming weeks.

The Chiefs also broadcast their team podcasts live on team social channels, so there’s a video as well as an audio component for fans to take in.

Check out the team podcasts HERE.