Next Up To Launch: Hillary Clinton


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the next high-profile politician set to launch a podcast in 2020. She says her long interview with Howard Stern was one of the reasons she’s launching.

Politico reports that the podcast will be co-produced by iHeartRadio. The radio company will also be a major distributor of the show. The new podcast does not yet have a title.

Politico reports that Clinton’s recent 2-plus hour interview with Howard Stern helped convince her that the long-form interview setting was right for her.

Clinton’s podcast may include co-hosts and will include conversations with world leaders, politicians, celebrities and authors.


  1. And there won’t be a word of it that’s genuine and true. Just another political snake and an arch criminal. But no matter: if there’s a buck in it, it’ll be made to fly. Pathetic world we’re living in.

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