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NEW: You Didn't See Nothin

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You Didn’t See Nothin is a new limited series podcast from USG Audio and the Invisible Institute. The show follows host Yohance Lacour as he revisits a 1997 hate crime on the South Side of Chicago that introduced him to the world of investigative journalism.

In 1997, Lenard Clark was beaten into a coma by a gang of older white teens simply for being Black in a white neighborhood. The media quickly turned towards stories of reconciliation and racial healing, with cooperation by Black leaders and the attacker’s family. At the time of the attack, Lacour was in his early 20s, writing plays, selling weed, and living at his dad’s house on the South Side of Chicago. Unable to stand by as the media transformed the hate crime into a fairy tale of racial reconciliation, Lacour began working with a local neighborhood newspaper to investigate the vicious hate crime. YOU DIDN’T SEE NOTHIN finds Lacour back in Chicago after a 10-year prison sentence, tracking down key players to examine how the story connects to the present moment, reflect on his role as a journalist and storyteller, and explore the exploit of power in Chicago.

Part memoir and part investigation, the seven-part series uses archival audio and new interviews with those involved to bring a fresh perspective to the narrative and correct the historical record of this case nearly 25 years later.

The first three episodes of YOU DIDN’T SEE NOTHIN will be available on** Wednesday,  February 15**, followed by Episodes 4 and 5 on February 22, and the final two episodes on March 1.

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